Review: The 7 Ages Of a Business by Dragos Roua

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First of all, don’t start reading this book at 2 A.M. unless it’s Friday night. Otherwise, you’ll have hard time explaining to your boss why are you so late :).

Ok, so what does Dragos writes about in his book?

From a perspective of an experienced entrepreneur, Dragos describes the ages that a business goes through from its birth till it’s (successful) end. In a simple, yet effective way, every age is described from the viewpoint of the entrepreneur: through his thoughts, wishes and, most importantly, actions. Everyone starting or running a business will have no problem identifying the age in which their business is.

The biggest value of the book lies within the do’s and don’ts for every age. Not all actions are always good or always bad in a business’ lifetime. Nor do they bring the same benefits in all ages. That’s why Dragos tells you in which age to apply what action to make the most out of it.

I highly recommend reading this book every couple of months if you’re running your own business. It will give you the big picture of your standpoint and both help you and remind you which road to take when faced with difficult decision-making.

Grab your own copy of this great book on Amazon (paperback) or get an ebook from Dragos Roua’s site.

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How to spread an idea

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Do you think you have an idea that is ready for the big world? If yes, be prepared. Check out Seth Godin’s random rules for ideas worth spreading.

You might have missed something.

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